Hey, im glad im here!! Its really cool to be able to talk about proxies in this group!

Just a question,

How did whoever invited me find me?

@john hi,
This community is created as part of P2P Proxies Network. An invitation was sent to our registered users.

@ProxiesOnline How can I access the one-hour trial?

@feligosky P2P service is replaced by GeoSurf Residential,
Please PM @GeoSurf-Business-Proxy-Network

where I can find fresh us proxy?

@geosurf-business-proxy-network said in hello!:

at geosurf.com @leonardshafere

I was pay basic package, when my account will active?

Hi @akang please elaborate,

What are your credentials, what is your exact package?

Feel free to PM me if you want to keep this data confidential.

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